The Serverless Capital Markets Firm on AWS: Introduction


Why serverless? Why now? What are the challenges, the opportunities. Introduction to Bronze Drum. How does Bronze Drum assist capital markets firms via POC, Assessment.

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Chris Munns

Chris Munns, Lead Developer Advocate - Serverless, demonstrates the AWS Serverless Application Repository. 

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Tom Mullahey

Tom speaks of his company's journey to AWS, the challenges, and the steps along the way. 

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Serverless Big Data and Analytics for Capital Markets

Here we focus on how capital markets firms can apply serverless technologies such as AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, AWS Storage Gateway Files. We also consider how we leverage S3 to separate compute and analysis from storage, and in this way scale workloads. We speak of AWS DynamoDB and how in the cloud we select the data store based on how we will retrieve the data, and in this way optimize for cost, latency, durability, availability.

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Amazon Alexa Voice Trading on

This custom module is a full width video & text section. It allows you to choose if you'd like the video to be displayed on the left side or right side of the screen! 

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You may qualify for a Bronze Drum AWS co-funded POC!

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