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Once You Understand "On-demand" Real-time Analytics is Inevitable

When you think about on-demand consider how on AWS the cost to run one node for 1000 hours is the same as running 1000 nodes for one hour.

Carry this example forward. It means that a hedge fund with a staff of five people running on AWS has an advantage difficult for even the largest firms to achieve in the data center. As we consider the volume and velocity of available data, clearly at some point sheer brute force of compute power provides an advantage.

On AWS real-time analytics services provide the ability to ingest data at any volume and any velocity and such services can be provisioned in seconds. Bronze Drum Consulting is experienced in building not only with the core compute capabilities, but also with Advanced Technologies. For Capital Markets Firms, to remain competitive means effectively applying not just the technology, but also the techniques required. When your firm was founded determines to a great extent how your firm decided what to buy and what to build.

Today firms to assess where they are today, and how to leverage advanced technologies on AWS to gain an edge. Primarily this edge means managing costs by simplifying record keeping and reporting for compliance, applying machine learning from idea to trade to post trade analysis, and to identifying, assessing and ingesting alternative and traditional data sets.


Getting Started with Real-time Analytics on AWS

Bronze Drum offers a number of ways for you to explore the real-time analytics opportunity on AWS. If you've read our white paper you may be interested to read further. Our case study explores how Hudson Bay Capital applied Amazon Kinesis and AWS Lambda to analyze tick data.

Our eBook and case study introduces readers to the Data Lake on AWS, as well as a specific case study featuring a hedge fund applying deep learning, as well as continuous delivery so as to automate code to compute across a one thousand node + cluster.

In other cases we present how we've applied real-time technologies to create an Alexa for Business Skill powered by the APIs. Our Serverless Capital Markets Firm on AWS event series explores a combination of technologies and how to build real-time, low cost, secured applications quickly by applying AWS Serverless technologies to challenges such as ingesting and loading a data warehouse, processing files, and querying large sets of historical data cost efficiently.

If you've already read one of our white papers or other content, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with one of our consultants.

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