You may qualify for a partially or fully-funded proof-of-concept

As an AWS Advanced Partner we help customers identify a compelling proof-of-concept and identify co-investment funding. A successful proof-of-concept constitutes a substantial investment in your success. We've worked with capital markets since 2011 and bring key technology and experience. We answer questions include:

  • Market Data. Often to assess an application applications require trusted market data. Our experience with Bloomberg Data License and Bloomberg B-Pipe in the cloud simplifies and accelerates a meaningful proof-of-concept or migration.

  • Serverless. Is there an opportunity to migrate legacy applications to a microservices architecture?
  • Real-time Analytics. How would shifting data from silos to a continuous insight model enable your business to realize new revenue opportunities?

  • How does your firm presently ingest and process financial markets data? Is there an opportunity to monetize data or analytics produced by your firm? Can we lower costs by migrating data center Market Data infrastructure and data warehouse to AWS?

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