What It's About: Real-time for Capital Markets

This event focuses on real-time analytics and serverless as a transformation. It's technical, geared towards General Manager, Investor, Director, CTO, Quant, AI Researcher, and Senior IT Operations executives. While the content is technical, we will explain concepts, and link concepts in Serverless to opportunities in capital markets firms.

You'll learn through a live demo, presentations from Brian McCallion, founder of Bronze Drum, and an AWS Authorized Trainer Champion

  • Recent IDG research focused specifically on how Capital Markets firms apply serverless real-time services to reduce time-to-insight
  • Amplify the volume of data analyzed and the depth of analysis using Deep Learning, and real time moments
  • Alexa for Business -- a brief look behind the scenes at what it takes to build the skill
  • Shifting the business to real-time, event driven infrastructure: Kinesis Analytics and applying SQL to the moment
  • Serverless data ingestion: AWS Lambda Serverless integration with Bloomberg Datalicense
  • Real-World (serverless) DevOps for Deep Learning and Analytics
  • Hedge Fund Case Study: Building a Serverless Data Lake on AWS to Power Deep Learning Applied to Capital Markets and Alternative Data

Alexa for Business Voice Trading Powered by

A member of the audience will be selected to place the first ever voice trade on Alexa for business. You remember that song "Video Killed the Radio Star"? Well, this will be an historic moment in the history of equities trading. You will hear a voice trade placed in real-time (as well as the trade confirmation), live by one of your industry peers!

Alexa Voice Trading Skill for - bronzedrum


Research and Additional Content for Attendees

  • You will receive links to the IDG Case Studies and White Paper referenced in the presentations
  • The presentations will be recorded and attendees will receive links to review and share this content

Brian McCallion

Bronze Drum

TC_champion_authorized-instructorHow Do Real-world Capital Markets Firms Apply Serverless Technology on AWS?

Learn why Capital Markets firms need to go serverless to remain competitive.


  • How Serverless simplifies data ingestion from sources like Bloomberg
  • Serverless enables high throughput, analysis, and pay for what you use
  • How Alexa for Business opens revenue streams in Wealth Management

Hear from your peers, and from industry leaders

Learn the competitive advantage of serverless

What is Serverless? How do capital markets firms choose serverless.


Learn how real-time changes capital markets

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