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Workshops, Training, Mentor Lead Engagments, RapidStart Blueprints for Serverless, NoSQL, Data Lake, Data Migration, and application performance.

Data Integration

Data Integration Amazon MQ, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3,  AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions
Network Integration Direct Connect, Private Link, VPC Peering, VPC Gateway
Data Center AWS Storage Integration AWS Storage Gateway, Amazon EFS
Database AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Schema Conversion


We focus exclusively on capital markets, fintech, and information firms.

We have solutions to help you at each stage in your journey.



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Real-time Analytics Amazon Kinesis Analytics Anomaly Detection, AWS Lambda, Amazon MQ, AWS Sage Maker, Amazon Machine Learning,
Batch Processing AWS Batch, AWS Fargate, AWS Spotfleet, AWS Glue
Data Analysis Amazon Redshift Spectrum,  Amazon Athena
Business Intelligence AWS Cloudwatch, Amazon Quicksight

Capital Markets Data

As you migrate or develop new applications on AWS, our experts can help you to understand the compliance and licensing options. Further, we've developed solutions to enable tracking of data, consumption plans, while enabling detailed attribution. Our experts work with you to simplify data access and ensure data compliance.

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Bloomberg DataLicense / Per Security Our solution runs at very low cost and can scale to millions of files processed per day. 
Data Lake Our solution enables you to leverage cloud storage from your data center, and Advanced technology in the Cloud and to do so with no external network exposure.
Back Testing and Risk Modeling Our compute solution combines the popular QuantLib open source risk library with AWS compute services like Fargate, AWS Batch, and API Gateway to simplify back testing and risk modeling. Leverage Spot instances and reduce costs by up to 90%.
Data Analysis Leverage Redshift Spectrum,  Amazon Athena to query petabyte scale data sets for as little as $5.00/TB processed.
Data Compliance and Governance Our solution, built on AWS services, enables you to manage data compliance by precisely logging all access, and by attributing data requests to specific tracking keys. In the Cloud you know who, how, when, where, and what data is consumed.

Service Re-Invented

How does hyperscale computing turn the technology industry upside-down, yet services remain unchanged? 

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We focus exclusively on Amazon Web Services, and capital markets customers like you. Our team includes former Princeton NSF Fellows in Physics, algorithmic trading developers, and seasoned AWS architects. 



Since 2011 we've designed and implemented solutions for firms like S&P Global, JD Power, Tradier.com. In the cloud community we've earned our reputation as the go-to AWS Partner for innovation, speed, and experience in Fintech and Capital Markets.


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