Brian McCallion


Why Bronze Drum Consulting?

In 2011, I had the good fortune as an outside consultant to lead Cloud Strategy and Solutions for one of the most recognized brands in the world, McGraw-Hill. At the time the firm included Standard & Poors, McGraw-Hill Construction, JD Power and Associates, and McGraw-Hill Education. I've worked in financial services most of my career, at firms like JP Morgan Chase, Liberty Mutual, Broadridge, ADP. At McGraw-Hill I brought it guests such as Stephane Dubois to meet with the executive leadership. Stephane built Xignite, an on-demand Market Data platform entirely on AWS and what he had built resonated in a way that talking about social media companies and scale simply couldn't. Soon I was asked to design a solution to run a $160MM revenue application to AWS. I also tackled essential issues such as Cloud Governance long before it became the 200+ Gartner research paper. In those early days I had a chance to learn what worked. I made create contact at AWS, where I continue to be amazed by the pace of innovation.


In 2012, along with Adrian Cockroft and others, I had the honor of being interviewed at the very first AWS reinvent conference. When I replay the interview today, I'm struck by just how early we were and how attuned we were to how cloud computing was far different from any other technology shift I'd experienced during the early part of my career in technology.



In 2013 I worked with the AWS Product team in to bring new encryption capabilities to the AWS Relational Database Service, so that I could use it in my design for JD Power's Next Generation Consumer Data platform. In my role as architect, I was fortunate to work with incredibly talented people and to lead and deliver one successful project after another. When we became an AWS APN Partner in 2013, I knew I had a successful model, I knew we had succeeded with enterprise on AWS long before the industry expected. And I know my team and I at Bronze Drum could guide other firms, and provide real-world insights and experience difficult to obtain anywhere else. I also knew the market would be noisy, and so we specialize in capital markets and we continued to invest in automation, and to develop services and techniques to guide our customers. From the beginning we knew the AWS platform would be the largest platform and would continue to innovate at a blazing pace.

In 2014 I had an epiphany at AWS Reinvent after seeing Tim Wagner introduce AWS Lambda. I had a feeling that serverless would be big, and my team and I set ourselves the task of applying AWS Lambda to use cases like real-time streaming market data analysis, to pricing derivatives, and to bringing a new kind of adaptive capability to a firms infrastructure. I recognized early on working with McGraw-Hill that to move quickly we had to automate. And that even better than automating ourselves was the opportunity to consume service already built. And so today I believe that capital markets firms that seek competitive advantage continue to search for solution that enable large scale, pay for what you use, and as close to zero management and maintenance as possible. In the data center I would have been dreaming, and yet dreaming lead me to the Bronze Drum, and today we work with incredible firms and help them to accelerate their success by leveraging advanced technologies on Amazon Web Services.


What Does the Bronze Drum Signify?

Years ago after reading Sun Tzu's Art of War, I had a dream. In this dream there were urgent decisions to be made, great distances to cover, and multiple parties trying to communicate across geographic and organizations divides. And in the dream I heard a voice speaking, perhaps my imagined voice of Sun Tzu himself. And he made mention of a Bronze Drum, the vibrations and the sounds of which could carry across the distance, and serve to coordinate and unite the activities. I really liked the idea of a drum, and of sound and oscillation as an energy inherent to organizations. In the Cloud, we work to help firms tap into their energy and to focus and concentrate their forces. So to me, in the Cloud, we teach firms how to leverage automation, web services, and to expand and contract and adapt to the world as software becomes the business itself.


How to Engage Bronze Drum?


If you are migrating to AWS, or would like to improve the governance and management of your AWS accounts

We provide strong governance and a Landing Zone solution to firms that would like to shore up or get started on a robust foundation built on the Five Pillars of the AWS Well Architected Framework. We leverage AWS services to enable you to bring single-sign-on, and management of accounts and access at the organization level. We developed our own AWS Landing Zone solution to help customers begin and build on a solid foundation and have partnered with AWS to help customers with this solution.

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If you have financial applications that require financial market data

We've developed solutions to integrate with financial markets data providers such as Bloomberg. In fact we developed a pretty remarkable "serverless" solution that costs very little to operate, and greatly simplifies data access. We leverage AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Athena to create a data lake that enables very large historical data sets to be stored and queried on demand.

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If you are considering a proof-of-concept

As an AWS APN Advanced Partner we can assist you, and very likely identify co-investment funds to help finance your initiative.

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If you are interested in Amazon Alexa for Business

We've got a great case study working with Tradier Brokerage. We created the world's first voice trading application to showcase the power of APIs and the Tradier.com platform. Also, note the kinds words Dan Raju has for Bronze Drum Consulting. We're very fortunate to work with people like Executive Chairman Dan Raju, and Jason Barry at Tradier Brokerage.

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