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Accelerate Success

Whether you need a batch cluster that scales to thousands of nodes, or need high availability for a single service, a Redshift Cluster,  a trading platform, a data lake, we have blueprints and you see results quickly.

Big Data / Market Data / Alternative Data

We focus exclusively on capital markets, fintech, and information services. We design and implement cost efficient, high performance, elastic solutions for market data, alternative data. We're experienced integrating with data providers such as Bloomberg, as well as Xignite, and a growing roster of alternative data providers. Our experienced architects design holistic data solutions. We bring API management, data compliance, federated identity, and storage, to ensure your solution remains secure, compliant, yet simple to manage.
The Architects and folks at 
Bronzedrum are good.
They are hands on and
dedicated and can help
enterprises build and execute
a cloud adoption strategy

Dan Raju, CEO Tradier, Inc.


Landing Zone

When building a new solution, or migrating your existing applications to AWS, a Landing Zone stages what will be an ongoing journey once you onboard to AWS. Along this journey you realize the promise of agility, accelerated time to market, self-healing systems. We deliver the AWS Landing Zone. It's a holistic starting point for managing security, single-sign-on, federated identity, logging, billing, and isolation of Development and Production environments. Customers begin with a foundation--and Landing Zone--proven as an optimal starting point based on the experience of Bronze Drum and AWS architects in the field. We designed our first "Landing Zone"  for McGraw-Hill, back in 2011 and its evolved ever since.


The first time you heard the phrase, "on-demand," you got it. On AWS you request servers, or instances, and you get them in minutes. Ideally, you've done some automation, so you can use the server as soon as its ready. You can get as many as you need, and you can terminate them and stop paying for them.

Serverless takes this to the next level. An AWS Lambda function only executes on demand and because it begins processing your data in milliseconds, and launches as many as required to complete the task, you save money, yet complete processing more quickly. Serverless inverts the traditional concept of compute because you pay for only the compute services you need, when you need them. When there is no event to process, you pay nothing. Customers beginning with serverless, often don't see a bill until they ramp up because of the always free tier, and the efficient processing model.

We love working with customers like Dan and Jason at Tradier. We decided to demonstrate the power of Tradier's APIs and within a few weeks demoed a voice trading skill on Amazon Alexa. While many skills offered quotes, we decided to build the first voice trading skill for Alexa. Dan and Jason are incredible AWS customers!

Brian McCallion, CTO Bronze Drum