How is Bronze Drum Strategic Consulting Different?

Every firm today flaps its wings and crows about the cloud. We’ve got Fortune 500 Cloud customer references who will enthusiastically sing our praises. Read More …

Cloud proof of concept

Cloud proof of concept


We decided early on to focus on doing one thing and to do it to the best of our ability. We work exclusively with the Amazon Web Services Public Cloud to build hybrid, innovative, and revenue generating platforms and applications. Why do we focus exclusively on AWS and no other Cloud Service Provider?

to place two conceptsExperience

Mr. McCallion designed the Hybrid architecture for McGraw-Hill Education EZTest ($160MM in revenue), now a reference architecture and often cited case study. The only way to move quickly in the Cloud is to hire the people who’ve actually done the work and learned how to design and manage enterprise business applications in the Cloud. We can help.


We’ve delivered significant Production financial markets solutions on Amazon Web Services–the kind that change top-line revenue. We’re easy to work with because we speak your language. We also know the Amazon Web Services Cloud backwards and forwards and over the course of years we’ve designed and built ambitious, successful applications on Amazon Web Services. We’ve worked in New York City finance and media businesses for the past twenty years. We developed an end-to-end code automation solution for a brokerage processing firm long before anyone heard of Puppet or Chef. We know enterprise technology. We understand the challenges and the opportunities for enterprise on AWS. Customers who work with us are able to quickly evaluate how their applications and business applications can run in this vibrant new marketplace.

How we help customers like you succeed on Amazon Web Services

  1. A mid-market insurance CIO hired us to guide his team and on-board to Amazon Web Services to build a Next Generation Content Platform. Mr. McCallion is able to get the CIO into re:invent after the deadline. They spend three days together in Vegas attending sessions and defining the platform.
  2. A Market Data executive hires us to think out-of-the-box and design a solution to enable rapid customization, provisioning, and to foster a developer ecosystem around the data. We identify a new way to work with feeds in the cloud to serve new and existing customers.
  3. An information and media executive asked us to to define an automation solution for cloud and on premises, and lead the initiative. Our thorough knowledge of the Amazon Web Services platform enables us to put together a simple solution that saves months and millions.
  4. Fortune 500 firm hires us to transform the design of on-premises applications for high availability, growth, and scale on Amazon Web Services. Our enterprise technology background enables us to create an architecture that works for their applications.
  5. A hedge fund executive hires us to design a MatLab cluster on AWS, and to on-board the firm to the Cloud. We deliver a robust simple solution that creates significant new opportunities for his business.

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 Trusted Advisor to Fortune 500

Customers hire us to advise them even as they manage global systems integration teams. In this capacity we validate the core components and will focus on developing the components critical to the success of the project.  In the role of “trusted advisor” our experience over years of enterprise Cloud projects enables us to fill in the gaps. As Trusted Advisor we enable customers to see through the fog and to realize hundreds, and in some cases, thousand of hours in labor and rework.