Strategy and Execution

Architecture Matters

Founder Brian McCallion brings real-world success proven at firms like McGraw-Hill Financial, McGraw-Hill Education, JD Power and Associates, Fidelity Life Associates, Six Financial Information USA, and other movers

Speed Matters

Our tools, utilities, and library of blueprints reduce implementation risk and save you money. We drive measurable results.mentor, lead, and manage teams embedded with our seasoned experts, combined with your employees, and systems integration team. We’re experienced working with real enterprises and understand how to manage for success while training your employees, helping you to manage and guide your system integration supplier. We begin with a series of “Kihon,” or the “Shoulders” of a successful project.

Innovation Matters

We’re just getting started innovating on behalf of our customers. A few define how we frame and drive results through innovation

Our Software Solutions

Cloud Maturity Monitor

DeployAgility. Brian McCallion designed the DevOps tool, DeployAgility™. DeployAgility enables Broadridge Financial Solutions and Automatic Data Processing to seamlessly deploy hundreds of high quality, zero defect Production application releases each month.

Carbon09 Based Ecosystem of Data and Functions

PrivateCollection: the World First Collector Centric, Social and Network

Vision Matters

If you are interested in hiring our team tell us about your project and why it matters. Whether it’s just the beginning, or the result of considerable planning, loop us in as soon as possible.

Tell us you want to create new revenue streams….

Let’s Make a Difference

“I want to ‘flip the script’ in financial market data and reshape the ecosystem around microservices….”

“I need powerful listeners to hear the story of our business, then combine art, technology, and cloud scale services to show me how to make it happen…”

Tell us you’re looking to get started for under $25,000.00″ and you want billion dollar ideas.

Tell us you aren’t satisfied with the Art Startup technology, and you’re looking for an art collector centric solution like PrivateCollection.

Tell us you want to work with real-time data to enable your firm to develop entire new classes of real-time business applications.

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