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A Little Bit About Us

New York City based, Bronze Drum Consulting, named for a passage in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, specializes in Public Cloud Computing strategy and solutions for Fortune firms building platforms that matter.

Customers include financial firms in New York City, Boston, Sao Paulo, Seattle, and Chicago and in every case moved the needle and achieved results critical to business success.

Real World Public Cloud Computing Success, Fortune 500 Customers

Since 2011 we’ve designed and delivered public cloud applications that have become reference cases for enterprise. When we speak with you we will explain specifically how we achieved success, the challenges, and what’s changed since. In this way we move forward with you based on solutions the names of which you will recognize at reference customers. See our Case Studies…


Our enterprise focus sets us apart in the Cloud solutions market. Working with Bronze Drum you benefit from our in the trenches experience with Amazon Web Services and building application from inception through ongoing operations. We bring full-lifecycle perspective to each project and each solution we design.


We’re opinionated. While many approaches are possible we remain creative and opinionated and customer focused and balance these qualities so as to achieve the right fit for your business. We’ve developed practices and blueprints that cover the basics so that we spend our time enabling your business.


Our own intellectual property and services combined with AWS enable you to onboard quickly, leapfrog common hurdles, and leverage cloud capabilities sooner.

Founder Interview

Brian McCallion on Enterprise Considerations for Cloud, Hybrid Strategies, and Amazon RedShift



  • Enterprise Cloud Strategy and Project Management
  • Enterprise End User Computing, Mobility, and Content Strategy
  • Enterprise Disaster Recovery / Migration to Amazon Web Services
  • Oracle on AWS
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Autoscaling and Self-Healing Enterprise Applications
  • Datawarehouse and I/O intensive applications running AWS
  • Data encryption and compliance

Case Studies

Next Generation Content and Analytics Platform

This Fortune 500 firm required a stable, neutral, and flexible platform on which to locate content and data. Business to Business Partner Subscription to Data Static content, combined with very large sets of structured data High performance data processing….


AWS Certified Solution Architect

Why Isn’t “Cloud First” Enough?

“Cloud First” is a great stance. It lets everyone know Cloud is a top priority.

Results-oriented executives like you take the next step and assess their readiness and go beyond “cloud first” why?

Cloud require a new way of thinking. What worked in the data center need not apply in the Cloud.

The #1 Most Effective Strategy is to work with an A-List team of people who lead a Fortune 500 Cloud Strategy today, and can deliver real world results based on experience.

Our Customers implement at least one (or more) of our proven practices get measurably better results:

4 x faster implementations
6 x more satisfied Line of Business Customers
3 x more cost savings in the first year alone
A clear vision and strategic roadmap proven over 3 “cloud-years”

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How to Get a Second Opinion…?

(When you’re already getting lots of advice)

One Minute Assessment, Or How to Know if You’re Off-Course?
Does your consulting partner do all the implementation work?
Are you paying for a “Cloud Support” Desk that feels “Old School”?
Does it still take weeks to launch a Development instance?
Does your consulting partner build infrastructure from scratch?
Can you rebuild your cloud infrastructure from “script”?

Large integration firms are excellent at what they do.
And successful executives appreciate the need to source their own “A-List” talent to diversify the feedback you receive. But it’s not easy to find “A List” talent, as “most of the walkers are out walking….”


Why not speak with us for thirty minutes–it could save months of project time? Our rock-star team has the experience, the focus, and the autonomy to deliver outsize results to your firm.

Where have we succeeded?

Fortune 500 executives like you call us when they need to manage for results they control.

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