p_1375189121_crop-300x224@2xWho Are We?

New York City based, Bronze Drum Consulting, named for a passage in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, specializes in Public Cloud Computing strategy and solutions for Fortune firms building platforms that matter.

Customers include financial firms in New York City, Boston, Sao Paulo, Seattle, and Chicago and in every case moved the needle and achieved results critical to business success.

Real World Public Cloud Computing Success, Fortune 500 Customers

Since 2011 we’ve designed and delivered public cloud applications that have become reference cases for enterprise. When we speak with you we will explain specifically how we achieved success, the challenges, and what’s changed since. In this way we move forward with you based on solutions the names of which you will recognize at reference customers.

What Sets Us Apart?

When you hire us you hire the actual people who have the successful track-record, not just a name with a list of case studies next to it. Cloud Computing is a significant change in how applications are designed, and we’re eager to work with firms like yours from the beginning. By hiring us we can help you by taking experience and lessons learned from multiple projects over multiple years and ensuring that your project launches successfully and meets your objectives and requirements, and meet the high bar we set for success.

Your Language and Culture

Fortune firms find significant comfort and ease of communication working with us because we’re right at home and familiar with organization like yours. We can provide simultaneously and insider point of view, yet bring new perspective based on real world public cloud solution success. In many cases we temper enthusiasm for Cloud with a perspective learned over many projects. We say yes only when we’re confident a solution can be built AND run successfully by your organization. We work with you to build a strong foundation and get it right.

New Ways of Interacting with Service Providers and Infrastructure

A key element of Cloud Computing remains the changing relationship between a customer and a service provider. While one might limit this definition simply to Cloud Service Provider, frankly it runs deeper. Today firms and individuals seek to reduce friction, and align their spend with benefits and in precise portions.

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